Thank you!

I would like to take this page to acknowledge and thank the people who have helped contribute to the creation of this website.


Without you, this site would not exist.  You are truly a special person. Not only for the talent you possess, but also for your sincere appreciation of and kindness towards your fans.  You are one-of-a-kind and I know I speak for several fans in saying thanks!


If I wrote down everything about you that I'm thankful for, it would take up the whole page.  Instead, I'm simply going to thank you for being you. You are wholeheartedly an exceptional person, beautiful both inside and out. I am so grateful for the day I met you and I love you with all my heart.


Thank you for all your enjoyable e-mails, articles, etc. It's been fun filling in the blanks with each other, though there is still that one question!  *LOL* I think it's so great that I finally met someone who is as big a fan as I am! It is always so much fun chatting with you about all sorts of stuff and I'm so glad we've become cyber-buddies.


I have to thank you for all that laughter! I can always count on a good chuckle from your posts and e-mails. No CT board will ever go down with you around! I also want to thank you for your input and, as I said to Kelly, I'm so happy we've become cyber-buddies.


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