Upcoming Projects

Toxic (Joe) - Not much is known about this indie film which also stars Bai Ling, Master P, and Tom Sizemore.

The Thirst - This action thriller comedy is about a ta hippie college student who finds himself in the middle of a battle between vampires and a group of warlocks called Sentries. When he is bitten by a seductive vampire, he must come to terms with his new state of being.  C. Thomas Howell makes an appearance as a gun-toting redneck.

Xenophobia (Stone) - This sci-fi film is about a crazed ex CIA agent who must protect the President of The United States from aliens that have infiltrated the Government.

Cold Ones (K.C.) - Tommy stars in this drama as a "floater" who has recently turned 40 & has published one novel, years ago. He gets dumped by his current girlfriend, and decides to write another novel off in a remote mountain cabin, with no distractions. When he arrives, however, the small-town locals are very distracting. They all want a piece of him and what he represents to them.               Click here to visit the Cold Ones website and see some behind the scenes photographs.

The Far Side of Jericho (Jemmy) - This western is set in the 1880s. It is about three women, widows of an outlaw gang of brothers all recently hanged, running for their lives from a posse of Indians and other villains. The people chasing them think they know the whereabouts of their husbands' missing bank loot and other treasures. Along the way the women learn to trust each another more and confront their fates, realizing they need to find the treasure first or be killed.

Hoboken Hollow (Clayton) - This horror film is about an Iraqi war veteran who accepts a job at a remote ranch in which many people visit, but few ever leave. This film also stars Dennis Hopper, Robert Carradine, Anthony Michael Hall, Jason Connery, Dedee Pfeiffer, Michael Madsen and Randy Spelling.

Fighting Words (David Settles) - CT stars in this romantic drama involving the world of slam poetry competitions.       Click here to visit the Fighting Words website.

The Keeper: The Legend of Omar Khayyam (Coach Fielding) - This movie is about a 12 year old boy in the present day who discovers that his ancestor is the famous poet Omar Khayyam. The film then takes a look at the past and depicts a story of friendship between Omar Khayyam and Hassan Sabbah, and how their love for the same woman destroys their relationship.   This film has had limited release in several cities across the United States. Click here to visit the film’s webiste.

The Lost Angel - CT stars with Judd Nelson and Allison Eastwood in this mystery suspense thriller.  The film is about a female police officer trying to catch a serial killer in the midst of protecting her teenage sister, who has become the killer’s next target. View still images from The Lost Angel at Darya’s website dedicated to CT.




H.G. Wells War of the Worlds (George Herbert)          View still images from H.G. Wells War of the Worlds at Darya’s website dedicated to CT.                             (CT’s son, Dashiell, portrays Alex Herbert in the movie.)


The Poseidon Adventure (Dr. Ballard)                           View images from the set of The Poseidon Adventure at Darya’s website dedicated to CT.

The Glass Trap (Curtis)

Crimson Force [TV] (Captain Baskin)

Ordinary Miracles [TV] (Jim Powell)


A Killer Within (Addison Terrill)

Zolar [TV] (Hedion)

The Hillside Strangler (Ken Bianchi)  [trailer]

Hidalgo (Preston Webb)


Net Games (Adam Williams) [trailer]

The Hitcher - How do these movies get made? [Not yet released in the U.S.] (Himself) - This is a documentary about the making of The Hitcher that appears only on the region 2 (European) DVD of The Hitcher 2.

The Hitcher 2 (Jim Halsey)

Gods and Generals (Lieutenant Thomas D. Chamberlain) Click here to see photos from the set of Gods and Generals


Nursie [Not yet released in the U.S.] (Zack) - In this horror thriller, CT plays a doctor who has an accident near a nursing home run by an abusive nurse. The film has been described as a cross between "Misery" and "Fargo".

Killer Bees [TV] (Sheriff Lyndon Hobbs)

Night of the Wolf [TV] (Sheriff Wade Messer)


Asylum Days (Nathan) [trailer]

 - CT also appears in the behind the scenes documentary about the film


Ollie (Joss McKinley) ... a.k.a. Askari


The films listed below have not yet been released in the United States.

XCU: Extreme Close-up (Geoffrey Liddy) - A murder mystery with a dramatic twist on a reality TV series, where the contestants are being murdered off one by one.

Separate Ways (Tom Milton) - Not much is known about this independent film.  Check back for future updates.

WillFull (Nat Wolff) - In this supernatural comic fantasy, CT plays a motivational speaker whose girlfriend is contacted by her dead mother who follows her around offering unsolicited advice.


Lawless: Dead Evidence (Dean Riley)

The Million Dollar Kid (Valentino)


Cybermaster (Boris Dakota) ... a.k.a. The Shepherd II

The Prince and the Surfer (Dean)

The Crimson Code (J.B. Gaines) ... a.k.a. The Red Team

Avalanche (Jack)  [trailer]

Peter Benchley’s Amazon [TV Series] (Dr. Alex Kennedy)

Hitman's Run (Tom Holly) [trailer]

The Glass Jar (Lanois)

Enemy Action (John Reed) [trailer]

Hot Boyz (Officer Roberts)  [trailer]

The Shepherd (Boris Dakota)… a.k.a. Cyber City [trailer]


Charades (Evan)                                                                 ... a.k.a. First Degree

Burning Down the House

Fatal Affair (Mack Maddox)


Dead Fire (Amos Tucker)

Dilemma (Detective Thomas 'Quin' Quinlan)

Last Lives (Aaron) [trailer]

Laws of Deception (Evan)

Matter of Trust (Mike)

Sleeping Dogs (Sanchez Boon)

On the Edge of Innocence (police officer)

Leave It To Beaver

Dads [TV Pilot] (Carl)


Kindred: The Embraced [TV Series] (Frank Kohanek)

The Big Fall (Blaise Rybeck)

Pure Danger (Johnie Dean)  [trailer]

Sealed with a Kiss [TV] (Detective Mick Cullen)


Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Mike Stone)  [trailer]                    ... a.k.a. Shameless

Baby Face Nelson (Baby Face Nelson)  [trailer]

Hourglass (Michael Jardine)

Suspect Device [TV] (Dan Jericho)

The Sweeper (Mark Goddard)  [trailer]


Dark Reflection [TV] (Ben Braden/Alex Connelly)

Dangerous Indiscretion (Jim Lomax)  [trailer]

Jailbait (Sergeant Lee Teffler)

Payback (Oscar Bonsetter)

Teresa's Tattoo (Carl)  [trailer]

Treacherous (Micky Stewert)


Acting on Impulse (Paul Stevens)

Gettysburg (Lieutenant Thomas D. Chamberlain)  [trailer]


Breaking the Rules (Gene Michaels) [trailer]

Nickel & Dime (Jack Stone)

Tattle Tale (Bernard Sprat)

That Night (Rick)  [trailer]

To Protect and Serve (Egan)  [trailer]


Kid (Kid) [trailer]


Curiosity Kills [TV] (Cat Thomas)  [trailer]

The Eyes of the Panther (Jenner Brading) [trailer]

Far Out Man (Himself) [trailer]

Side Out (Monroe Clark)   [trailer]


The Return of the Musketeers [TV] (Raoul)


Il Giovane Toscanini (Arturo Toscanini)                               ... a.k.a. Young Toscanini


Into the Homeland [TV] (Tripp Winston)

A Tiger's Tale (Bubber)   [trailer]


The Hitcher (Jim Halsey)  [trailer]

Soul Man (Mark Watson)  [trailer]


Secret Admirer (Michael Ryan)  [trailer]


Red Dawn (Robert Morris)  [trailer]

Tank (Billy)

Grandview, U.S.A. (Tim Pearson)

Call to Glory [TV]


Two Marriages [TV Series] (Scott Morgan)

The Outsiders (Ponyboy Curtis)


E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (Tyler) {as Tom Howell}


Night of the Juggler (stunt double)


It Happened One Christmas [TV]

Thunder [Afterschool Special]


The Brian Keith Show [TV Series]                                          … a.k.a. The Little People



The Big Fall (1996)

Pure Danger (1996)

Hourglass (1995)



Blind Injustice (2005)

Hope Ranch (2002)

Hourglass (1995)



The 4th Tenor (2002)

Hope Ranch (2002)

To Protect and Serve (1992) {Associate Producer}

TV Guest Appearances


24 “Day 5: 2:00 p.m.-3:00 p.m.” [Season 5, Episode 8 - 2/13/2006]


ER (Vincent Jansen) “The Human Shield” [Season 12, Episode 7 - 11/10/2005]

Summerland (Kyle Bale) "Safe House" [Season 2, Episode 11 - 6/27/2005]


Summerland (Kyle Bale) "Fireworks" [Season 1, Episode 3 - 6/8/2004]

The District (Chris) “On Guard” [Season 4, Episode 16 - 2/21/2004]


Son of the Beach (Father Jason Dudikoff) “In the Line of Booty” [Season 3, Episode 3 - 7/2/2002]


Twice in a Lifetime (Tony) "The Escape Artist" [Season 2, Episode 7 - 10/18/2000]

What a Shit Life (narrator) 3/2000


The Love Boat: The Next Wave (John) "Affairs to Remember" [Season 2, Episode 7 - 11/20/1998]

V.I.P. (Phil Sherman) "Val Got Game" [Season 1, Episode 8 - 11/14/1998]


Dead Man's Gun (Henry Hubble) "The Phrenologist" [Season 2, Episode 21]


The Grind (co-host) [5/96]


The Outer Limits (Capt. Miles Davidow) "The Joining" [Season 4, Episode 13 - 4/17/1998]


NFL/Fox TV [promo spots] (Joey the Dish Man)


The Hitchhiker "White Slaves" [Season 5, Episode 13 - 12/7/1990]


Moonlighting (post office worker) - “Yours, Very Deadly” [Season 3, Episode 4 - 10/28/1986]


Moonlighting (waiter) - “Lady in the Iron Mask” [Season 2, Episode .2 - 10/1/1985]

The Best Times


Battle of the Network Stars (himself - as an ABC team contestant)

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